School of Geography. University of Leeds, UK       

Contact: gy06vhh[at]

Victoria Habermehl is a PhD student at the School of Geography, University of Leeds. Her research is focused on accumulation strategies within the city with the thesis: ‘Antagonism and possibility in-against-and-beyond crisis: organising everyday life in Mercado Bonpland, Buenos Aires’. She is interested in social movements that resist these neoliberal city agendas and the gentrification strategies that are employed in order to establish this. As part of contested cities network she spent time researching in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Using qualitative and some visual methods she was interested in how resistance movements since 2001 crisis have changed what is possible in the city. For this she focused on how markets were used in creating alternative networks, values and forms of living in the city.

Latest publications

‘On the graduate with no future’. Lunghi, A. Wheeler, S. (eds) (2012) Occupy Everything! Reflections on why it’s kicking off everywhere. London/New York: Minor compositions. With Gillespie, T. Link. PDF

Project Report- City of Vienna. MA 18 Urban Development and Planning (2010) Workshop Report No. 107: Public spaces in Favoriten. Playful spatial games. 146 p. incl. DVD. ISBN: 978-3-902576-35-4 (German/English). SKuOR editorial. Contributing authors: Participants of the European September Academy 2009. Link. PDF