School of Geography. University of Leeds, UK

Contact:  p.routledge[at]

I have long-standing research interests concerning social justice, development, environment and the practices of social movements in the Global South, particularly South Asia and Southeast Asia, and in the Global North. In particular, my research has been concerned with two key areas of interest: the spatiality of social movements in the Global South and Global North; and the practical, political and ethical challenges of scholar activism. I am currently researching the politics of land occupations and social reproduction in Bangladesh, although my research also includes the urban as a terrain of resistance for contentious politics.

 Recent Publications

2013 [-with Paul Chatterton and David Featherstone]
Articulating Climate Justice in Copenhagen: antagonism, the commons and solidarity, Antipode  45, 3, 602-620. Link. PDF

Sensuous Solidarities: Emotion, Politics and Performance in the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, Antipode 44, 2, 428-452. Link. PDF

Introduction: Cities, Justice and Conflict, Urban Studies 47, 6, 1165-1177. Link. PDF

Nineteen Days in April: urban protest and democracy in Nepal, Urban Studies 47, 6, 1279-1299. Link. PDF