Work and Employment Relations Division, Business School. University of Leeds, UK

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Gabriella Alberti is Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations at Leeds University Business School. Doctor in Social Sciences from Cardiff University (UK) with the thesis “Transient working lives: Migrant Women’s everyday politics in London’s hospitality industry” (2011). She held a post-doctoral fellowship at Queen Mary University of London. Gabriella’s research on migrant workers’ precarious conditions and their multiple forms of social and political mobilisation involves an interdisciplinary approach across sociology, labour geographies, migration, gender and organisation studies. Her ethnographic research has been mainly conducted in London, exploring the restructuring of the global city’s service economy in relation to transnational migration and looking at how unions, community groups and other grass root movements engage in struggles for mobility and labour rights at the urban scale. Currently she is conducting research on Latino outsourced cleaners’ organising and how their practices challenge traditional forms of labour and community unionism.

2013 [forthcoming]
Multi-scalar organizing strategies and the question of migrant workers’ participation in trade unions: the hotel industry in London. In: David Jordhus-Lier, and Anders Underthun (eds.) A hospitable world? Tourism and the organisation of work in hotel workplaces.  Routledge

2013 [-with J. Holgate, M. Tapia]
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