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Ana Cabrera Pacheco is a PhD student in the Cities and Social Justice research group in the School of Geography – University of Leeds. Her PhD research is about the transformations of land, livelihoods and identity of Maya people in small urban settlements in Yucatan, Mexico. Currently, they are being represented by the transition from a rural-subsistence way of living to an urban-wage labour dependence. The aim of the research project is to understand these transformations through the analysis of the historical importance and the current dynamics of the basic habitable unit called the Maya Solar. Previously, she worked as a researcher associate developing and analysing indicators on urban settlements, housing and population in an urban observatory from the metropolitan area of Merida, Mexico. She holds a double masters’ degree in Environment and Resources Management from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and in Environmental Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (Mexico) from a research about the temporality and the socio-environmental relations in refugee camps focusing in the Guatemalan refugee process in Chiapas. She also holds a degree in Architecture from the Universidad Marista de Mérida (Mexico).

Recent publications

Las transformaciones del solar maya en Yucatán y los retrocesos en la producción urbana sustentable en México. IV Simposio de Becarios y ex-Becarios del CONACyT en Europa, pp.1-9. (Presentation) Link. PDF

Estrategias de sustentabilidad en el solar maya Yucateco en Mérida, México  (Sustainable Strategies in the Maya Solar of Yucatan in Merida, Mexico). GeoGraphos, 56, pp.1-32. doi: 10.14198/GEOGRA2014.5.56. Link. PDF

Los cambios del solar maya en el Yucatán contemporáneo (The changes of the Maya Solar in the contemporaneous Yucatan). II Simposio de Becarios y ex-Becarios del CONACyT en Europa, pp.1-4. (Presentation) Link. PDF

2012 [Co-authored various sections of the report]
Indicadores de Desarrollo Zona Metropolitana de Mérida. Reporte 2012 (Development Indicators of the Metropolitan Area of Merida. 2012 Report). Mérida: Centro de Investigaciones y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional – Unidad Mérida. Link. PDF

2010 – [Hamhaber, J. and Ayllón Trujillo, M.T.]
Wastewater management alternatives in refugee camps. Ingeniería, Revista Académica de la FI-UADY, 14, pp. 121-125. Link. PDF