STREAM 3: New regimes of expulsion – shedding light on the violence of displacement

Displacement is a notion which characterises the deep transformations in contemporary cities, highlighting the existence of socio-spatial injustice. Massive displacement through mega urban development is ongoing in cities of Brazil, India and China, large-scale housing evictions are occurring across Southern Europe, while housing prices in London and transnational investment in Berlin are expelling the poor. We are interested in bringing together critical urban insight into issues related to political conflict, migration, the anthropology of violence and displacement.

In this stream we encourage debates which engage with the following questions:

1)  Which policies and discourses promote and naturalise displacement?

2)  What we can learn from local case studies that address processes of displacement via accumulation by dispossession?

3)  How is displacement accomplished in different places?

4)  What are the emerging means of social control and violence in public and private space?

5)  How can the mainstream discourses, which legitimise displacement, be challenged and reversed?