How to get to the UAM Campus:

The UAM campus is very well connected to the city of Madrid, regardless of the fact that it is not located within the city limits. There are alternative ways to reach to the campus:

  • By car:

Follow the M-607 highway (direction Colmenar Viejo) and then get exit 15.

  • Train (Renfe or Cercanìas):

The train station of the campus is called CANTOBLANCO-UNIVERSIDAD. You should be able to arrive at this station after getting train líne C-4, direction Colmenar Viejo or Alcobendas-San Sebastián de los Reyes. This line passes from the following train stations:

  • Atocha-Renfe
  • Sol
  • Nuevos Ministerios
  • Chamartín

These are the main train stations which are moreover connected to various other train and metro lines.

  • From the airport (Bus stop inside the campus area):

From the terminal T4 you may get the train C1. When you reach the station of Chamartín you will have to change for line C4 (C4A y C4B)

Moreover, from T4 you may get the metro line 8 until you reach Nuevos Ministerios. In Nuenos ministerios you have to change to get the train (renfe or cercanìas) line number C4 (C4A y C4B) towards the UAM campus. From terminals T1, T2 and T3 you may get buses (free transport) to terminal T4 and then get the train or the metro

Bus Line 827: Alcobendas – Cantoblanco. Visit the time table here

Line 828: Campo de las Naciones – Aeropuerto – Cantoblanco. Visit the time table here

For further information on how to reach the campus you may visit the following link:

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Cantoblanco Campus
Highway M-607, km 17.