The concept of Gentrification has been used extensively in recent years to examine issues of working class displacement and the rising effect of the middle classes on urban areas. But nowadays the gentrification projects are being used as the main tools to ensure the “security of the public” in the part of Kurdistan which is within Turkey.

This paper will illustrate how the expansion of gentrification projects as a result of neoliberal revanchist urban politics Kurdish issue as a “terror case” in Turkey.

The paper is based on the analyzing of the Sur Urban Transformation Project which was declared while the Kurdish battle was ongoing. The project’s common point is to reconstruct and renovate the destroyed and abandoned historical and residential areas of the city.

In that regard, three questions will be answered: Why gentrification and revanchist urban policy has become the main tool to end e the Kurdish political movement (PKK)? -What is the importance of the political economy of gentrification projects on the social and ethnic texture of Kurdish geography? -Could PKK’s autonomic policy be an alternative to gentrification projects?

The research will analyze the gentrification projects which were declared by the government and the reports which were conducted by NGO’s to show the results of destructive military operations in Kurdish cities. Additionally, the relevant documents will be analyzed and the national-international press of the time will be scanned.

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